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Lasse Marhaug - The Great Silence CD

  • Lasse Marhaug - The Great Silence CD


The Great Silence is probably the BEST recording I have ever heard from Lasse. It was recorded in Jørgen Træen's (professional) studio, and it's produced by Golden Serenades (Træen + John Hegre)... While Lasse himself has said that the disc is "as primitive as it gets", I wouldn't really agree... What it is, is a devastatingly PURE display of the finest kind of harsh noise, and yet another in the long line of records showing Marhaug's incredible feeling for vital and living noise. Highest recommendation for this one... fucking ESSENTIAL!
-- Tommy Carlsson (Treriksröset / Segerhuva)

"Fearsomely relentless" - Wire

"A sturdy, hefty mark on the scene" - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

PACrec130, CD