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Sissy Spacek - Corpus CD

  • Sissy Spacek - Corpus CD


Copies are currently still available from Helicopter, Scream & Writhe in Canada and on the way to White Centipede Noise in Germany.

A blistering firestorm of speaker shred and sonic assault, Corpus finds Sissy Spacek at maximum intensity, blazing full throttled into the void for 37 minutes of total devastation. Featuring the core duo of John Wiese & Charlie Mumma, plus input from The Cherry Point’s Phil Blankenship, Wasteland Jazz Unit's Jon Lorenz and John Rich, Lasse Marhaug, Ted Byrnes, Martín Escalante, C. Spencer Yeh, Sarah Bernat, and a completely leveling collaboration between Spacek and Black Leather Jesus’ Richard Ramirez and Sean Matzus, recorded live in a miserably cold cement room in Pittsburgh. Deluxe 6-panel digipak.

A Troniks / Helicopter co-release, 2020

TRO-303, CD